Welcome to the Bristol Park “Farm”

Experience the Joy of Nature at Your Doorstep

A Day at the Farm

At Bristol Park, every day is an opportunity to connect with nature. Our charming farm, home to friendly goats and donkeys, is not just an attraction but a source of joy for our residents. Imagine sitting comfortably on a bench, basking in the warm sun, while watching these playful animals frolic and interact.

Feed and Bond with Our Animal Friends

We believe in the therapeutic power of interaction. That’s why we offer prepared bags of feed, allowing residents and visitors to hand-feed our animals. Watch as our donkeys and Billy, our beloved Billy Goat, delight in their favorite treats like apples. It’s a heartwarming experience for everyone involved.

Awaiting New Additions

The excitement doesn’t end there. We’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of new baby goats in August 2024. It’s a time of joy and renewal that we all look forward to. Our residents are especially excited, as this event often brings back fond memories of their own experiences on farms.

A Source of Comfort and Nostalgia

Our farm animals aren’t just pets, they’re a source of comfort and a link to cherished memories. Whether our residents are viewing them from the inside entrance or enjoying the fresh air at the farm’s entrance, the sight of these animals offers relaxation and a trip down memory lane to times when they had their own farm animals.

Visit Us

Discover the unique charm of Bristol Park. Whether it’s feeding the animals, reminiscing about the past, or simply enjoying a peaceful day outdoors, our farm offers something special for everyone. Join us and see how life at Bristol Park is enriched by these wonderful animal companions.