Who Qualifies For Assisted Living?

Senior living communities providing Assisted Living programs are designed to suit the needs of a broad range of people. Residents of these communities love maintaining their independence in comfortable, private apartments. However, they also appreciate having help when they require it, social opportunities, and quality amenities to suit their everyday needs.

When you find a senior living community with everything you need to enjoy your golden years, you might wonder whether you meet the acceptance criteria. Every senior living community is different. Still, you might be ready to live life to the fullest in Assisted Living if you can relate to the situations below:

You Need Help With Daily Living Tasks

Most people hope to maintain complete independence in their own homes forever. However, there may come a time when that’s no longer possible.

You might struggle to prepare your own meals or help yourself shower and get dressed in the mornings. Sometimes, tasks like toileting, continence, and hygiene can be challenging. This can mean that living alone in your own home is no longer the best option for your health and happiness. In that case, assisted living might be a suitable option. The best senior living communities have full-time help, safety-equipped bathrooms, and compassionate teams ready to help you live life to the fullest.

You Have Cognitive Impairments

Forms of dementia like Alzheimer’s disease can be challenging for individuals and their loved ones to manage. You may no longer be safe in your own home when a cognitive illness stops you from performing everyday tasks in a safe and healthy way.

In such situations, a senior living community can be worth exploring for yourself or your loved one. Many senior living communities offering Assisted Living programs also have Memory Care programs.

These programs are designed to meet the dynamic needs of people with challenging conditions like Alzheimer’s. Many of the best Memory Care programs offer individualized care, safe living environments, and specialized care associates to ensure safety and wellness.

You’re Medically Stable

Most senior living communities cater to a variety of people wanting to age gracefully in a community with wraparound support. Often, medical stability can be required for that to happen.

Trained care associates and licensed nurses are available 24/7 to help their residents manage chronic illnesses and other problems that arise. However, some people’s complex healthcare requirements can mean that Assisted Living is not suitable for them. Instead, establishments offering more intensive care can often be a better option.

If you’re medically stable with no ongoing illnesses or your illnesses are manageable, your chosen senior living community will likely welcome you with open arms.

You’ve Been Assessed

Choosing the best living situation for your needs is not always a decision you need to make alone. Alongside your friends and family, you might also approach your preferred senior living community.

They can meet with you, provide a tour, and ask questions to assess your needs. The more they learn about you, the easier it can often be for them to be confident that they can provide you with the care you need to thrive in your golden years. Reach out to your preferred senior living community to learn more.

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